Pajama Cardinalfish Care Guide

The Sphaeramia nematoptera, or Pajama Cardinalfish, a  member of the Apogonidae family. They are also known as spotted cardinalfish, coral cardinalfish, or polka dot cardinalfish. The Pajama Cardinalfish is a fun Frankenstein of a fish. It has a greenish-yellow face with giant bright, red eyes. It has a silver, shimmery silver body dressed with a black waistband, and has a posterior covered with orangish-brown polka-dots. One can safely assume the name "clownfish" was already in use when this species was discovered.

The Pajama Cardinalfish can be a bit shy at first, so it will appreciate the crevices and caves in your rockwork to use as a hiding place. As they get comfortable, they will swim out in the open. Growing up to 3 inches in length, The Pajama Cardinalfish diet consists of frozen brine shrimp, Mysis shrimp, pellets, and flake food. Your tank should be least 30 gallons and you may consider getting multiple Pajama Cardinalfish, as they are happier in small schools.

Pajama Cardinalfish are generally peaceful and may be kept with other peaceful fish. Like many other schooling fish, the Pajama Cardinalfish will form a strict hierarchy when kept in small groups within the aquarium. However, unlike some social fish, this member of the Apogonidae family does not use aggression to exert dominance over other cardinalfish. For a fish so wildly colored, the Pajama Cardinalfish is a very laidback, cool addition to any Reefchaser's marine tank.


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