Scientific Name:
Salarias fasciatus
Other Common Names for the Lawnmower Blenny:
Jeweled Rockskipper - Sailfin Blenny - Rock Blenny 


Lawnmower Blennies are found from East Africa and the Red Sea to Samoa and the Islands of Micronesia. They are hardy members of the Blenniidae family. They have a mottled appearance that consists of bands, stripes, and spots in hues of brown, green, and cream. Their color patterns typically help them to blend into the reef substrate. They also have little lines and spots of light blue, giving them a jeweled appearance. The Lawnmower Blenny grows up to 5 inches long and does best in well-established aquariums with adequate algae to feed on. They require an aquarium of at least 30 gallons.



Lawnmower Blennies are primarily herbivores. They feed mainly on microalgae and detritus. And they eat a lot of it!  It is recommended that before you acquire this fish, you allow your tank time to mature and have rock work for the algae to grow on. Their diet can be supplemented with vegetable matter, spirulina, and herbivore preparations.


As stated earlier, this fish can reach up to 4 inches and requires an aquarium of at least 30 gallons. Lawnmower Blennies can be territorial when they pick a prized cave, but most of their aggression is directed at other blennies (or similarly shaped fish) that are of equal or lesser size. It is not recommended to have more than one Lawnmower Blenny in a tank unless they are a mated pair as they will most likely harm each other.  Well-fed, in a peaceful environment, your Lawnmower Blenny will be good-natured and fun to watch. Like most other Blennies, the Lawnmower Blenny will perch on live rock, hide in caves, graze on algae, and lay on the substrate while watching you suspiciously. When startled, the Lawnmower's first instinct is to madly dash for the nearest hole or cave. If you intend to keep fish - especially a Blenny, a netted lid is recommended.



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Rick McCaleb

Rick McCaleb

I want one!
My daughter is Misty Moseley. She told me about y’all!
Let me know when I can stop and pick up a Lawnmower Blenny! I Am I’m Georgetown.

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