Banggai Cardinalfish Care Guide

The Pterapogon kauderni, or Banggai cardinalfish, is a member of the Apogonidae family. Also know as Kaudern's Cardinal, it is the only member of the Pterapogon genus. The Banggai cardinalfish has a shimmery, silver body with bold, black stripes along the body and long, elegant fins. They have white spots accenting these long fins. They also have random patterns of these spots on their bodies.

The Banggai Cardinalfish can be a bit shy at first, so it will appreciate any crevices and caves in your rockwork to hide in. As they get comfortable, they will
swim out in the open. Growing up to 3 inches in length, The Banggai cardinalfish feeds primarily on copepods, but will also eat frozen brine shrimp, Mysis shrimp,
pellets, or flake food. Your tank should be least 30 gallons unless you plan to only house a few other fish. It is best to purchase Banggai Cardinalfish that have
been captive bred. You will not only be helping the wild population of this species, you will also be getting a fish that will acclimate more easily to your tank and to a varied diet.

Banggai Cardinalfish are generally peaceful and may be kept with other peaceful fish. Groups of Banggai Cardinalfish can be kept in relative peace in larger systems with plenty of swimming and hiding spaces. Usually, the only aggression that will happen will occur during mating, breeding, or when they are guarding eggs. A little school of Banggai Cardinalfish can be quite beautiful, twinkling like little stars in your marine tank.


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