Although we cover much in this article, you can read more about our Refunds & Returns Policy Here.
  • We offer a 48 Hour Livestock Guarantee on all Coral Specimens.
  • We offer a 48 hour guarantee on all standard Fish Specimens.
  • We offer a DOA Guarantee only on 'Expert Care' Fish Specimens.
  • We offer a 7 DAY GUARANTEE on our Salty Lagoon (Quarantined) fish Specimens! 
Even though we only charge $29.99 - $39.99 for Shipping or in some cases free it is often the case that livestock packages cost $60-$80 (or more) to ship. They must be shipped in an insulated cooler box using heat or ice packs and can be sent only via next day over-night mail. The boxes and materials alone cost ~$10.00 so please remember that we ship smaller orders as a courtesy but shipping livestock is very expensive and as such we encourage our customers to take advantage of our FREE SHIP on orders of $150 or more. 
There is a risk associated with shipping live animals and due to the cost of shipping that risk is shared between both Reef Chaser's and the customer.  We share the risk by guaranteeing you credit for any DOA's you may receive, and you share the risk of livestock shipping costs in the event of a DOA. We do not issue credits for shipping costs.
  •      Livestock is DOA within the Guarantee window 
  •      Livestock Order is wrong item 
  •      Livestock Order delayed/never arrived
  •      Livestock Order Shipped to wrong address.

FREE SHIPPING is not available when using ANY store credit discount codes or other discount codes either entered by the customer or automatically applied to the cart. In the rare case that your replacement order makes use of your store credit discount code AND you would still qualify for free shipping or reduced shipping (due to additional items being added on) then we will be happy to remove any excess shipping charges you may incur on the back end. In this case please contact us when you place the order and let us know!

 I received $100 store credit, but am purchasing $250 dollars worth of store items. I entered my store credit discount code, which removed any free-ship discount codes I had qualified for. I am still spending $150.00 and there for I should qualify for Free Ship on this replacement order. 
SOLUTION: We will modify the shipping costs on the back end once your replacement order is in and remove any shipping charges in excess (in this case, your replacement order would ship free.)

EXAMPLE 2I received a store credit for $100.00 due to DOA and tried to use it while you were running a 35% off sale but it would not accept both discounts! 
SOLUTION: We do not allow store credits issued from previous dates to be used during our special holiday and event sales. 

I received a store credit of $150.00. I am putting in an order for a $160.00 fish. I am being charged shipping
SOLUTION: This is correct. You are only spending $10.00 (not $160) and there for you are being charged the correct shipping amount. 

In order to claim a DOA for Corals you MUST put the corals into your reef tank as SOON as they arrive. DO NOT DELAY.
 At times corals may look stressed (or even dead) upon receipt of shipment, this is often not the case. If acclimated quickly into a reef environment many corals will acclimate and recover within 24 hours and begin opening up and extending their polyps. Do not assume the coral is dead or assume you will be given a credit if you do not follow these instructions. We allow a 48 hour window for a reason and it is to give you time to fully assess the specimens health. Do not feel the need to rush upon first receipt.
     Contact us within 48 hours of receipt of shipment. Preferably at least the next day after shipment in the case of corals (that way we know you put them in your tank at the very least and have given them a chance to survive). You MUST provide photos of the damaged/deceased coral specimen INSIDE your reef tank. We cannot accept specimen in bag or out of bag photos as they are far to difficult to assess. When taking photos of a deceased/damaged coral inside your reef tank, please adjust your lighting to whiter spectrums before taking the photo or use one of the commonly available cell phone yellow filter for best results. It can be difficult for us to assess the health if the picture is of low quality or when you do not adjust the spectrum and/or use a camera filter. If we cannot assess the health from your pictures you send we will not be able to complete the claim. Corals go through a lot of stress when being shipped and many will have subdued colors/retracted polyps immediately upon receipt of shipment but nearly all will acclimate quickly (within 24 hours) and start to extend their polyps and regain their coloration. 

     Contact us within 48 hours (or up to 7 days if purchasing quarantined fish from our Salty Lagoon system) of receipt of shipment. Provide photos of deceased fish out of the water/bag/tank on a white background such as paper towel or paper plate or piece of white paper. It can be difficult for us to assess the health if the picture is of low quality. If we cannot assess the health from the pictures you send we will not be able to complete the claim which is why we recommend following the instructions closely.

We do not ever issue credits or refunds on the basis of "Coloration". We fully cover our photography practices here: Reef Chasers Photography Policy. We take our photos under 20K ACTINIC Reef Lighting using a Nikon Z7II Mirrorless Camera. Different aquariums may have different lighting and so coloration of a coral may vary (for example, under natural lighting). General complaints about coloration are not a valid reason for a DOA Claim. Corals will tend to lose some color during shipping and will re-gain it quickly under optimal conditions.

Most of our policies are industry standard and must be in place in order to continue to provide our customer's with the amazing livestock we have become known for. Any questions or concerns can be emailed to and we will get back to you soon!

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