Reef Chasers Forty-Eight Hour Livestock Guarantee
All of our livestock is shipped in heavy-duty 4 mil bags, or in some cases sealed, hard-plastic specimen containers. We use premium insulated coolers along with heat/cold packs and make the necessary adjustments based on weather conditions at the destination. All livestock are packaged to survive up to 3 days of transit time (in event of shipping delays).

When you complete a purchase with Reef Chasers, custodial responsibility for the livestock passes to you upon delivery of the shipment to the shipping courier as from that point it is out of our hands.

Reef Chasers guarantees healthy arrival of all livestock for up to 48 hours after receipt of shipment. Your livestock is guaranteed to arrive alive and stay that way through-out it's acclimation. In the unfortunate event of a loss of livestock you will receive a store credit issued for it's value. There are no cash refunds. We only require a clear photograph of the deceased specimen emailed to within 48 hours of receipt of delivery. Please be advised we cannot issue credit for shipping costs. Small orders are shipped as a courtesy and we encourage our customers to take advantage of our free-shipping threshold of $249 or more.

Credit for shipping costs MAY be issued but only on a case-by-case basis. Typically speaking, the only time in which a credit for a shipping cost will be issued is when a physical shipping delay occurs that results in over a 50% loss of livestock within the shipment. In these unfortunate events, you will receive a credit for the shipping cost as well and we will work with the courier to recover the lost funds through package insurance which is only possible when the fault of the delay is on the courier.