RC Antimatter Zoanthid Frag

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RC Antimatter Zoanthid

APPROX SIZE: 4-6 Polyps 1" FRAG

Photo is of the mother colony you will receive a 4-6 polyp frag on a 1" plug.


The term "Zoanthid", belonging to the Zoanthidae family, includes many species popular in the reef keeping world among hobby Reef Chasers and Pro Reef Chasers. Zoanthids are known by some as "carpet coral," "button polyps," and "zoas," and are considered soft corals.  They appear as a single flower, but proliferate into glorious bunches of sea flowers and will often spread to cover rocks with their bright circles of colors. Zoas are relatively easy to keep alive and healthy, making them a common resident in most saltwater aquariums. Palythoas are very similar to Zoanthids and will often be found growing in close proximity.

For more information about Zoanthid care please visit our Coral Care Blog.
(150-200 PAR)

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