PolypLab Coral View Lens V2

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PolypLab Coral View Lens V2

Take professional pictures of coral and fish directly from your phone!

Using a phone to take pictures of a saltwater aquarium can be difficult with the high amount of blue that is emitted from the light and the glare off the glass from external light sources. Taking a decent picture usually requires changing your lighting spectrum and playing with your camera's settings. Professional photographers use colored filters to accentuate colors, and shooting photos of reef tanks are no different. Just clip the PolypLab Coral View Lens onto your phone, attach your preferred filter lens and start showing off your corals and fish. 

Polyp Lab's Coral View Lens is ideal for reef tanks with their modular lens system. You can use one filter or if you need a little more fine-tuning, use multiple lenses to get the perfect photo. You no longer need to adjust your lighting spectrum just to take a photo. 


New & Improved Orange 15K Filter Lens

  • Perfect for full tank shots
  • Great for pictures of frags
  • Can be stacked on top of Macro Lens


All-In-One Polarized V2 Filter Lens

  • Perfect for filtering out glare from glass
  • Sharp detail
  • Stack behind 15K & 20K lens


What's Included?

1x Lens Holder Clip
1x All In One Polarized V2 Filter Lens
1x Orange 15K Filter Lens
1x Cleaning Cloth


Note - Not compatible with Samsung Galaxy S9 

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