DICE AIO 12 Gallon Rimless w/ Blue MJ-L165 LED

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Everything you need at a price you'll love

  • All-In-One nano tank with built-in filtration 
  • Rimless edges with black silicone seams
  • Removable filtration sock and holder
  • Biological and chemical filtration media included
  • Compact AC return pump 
  • Y-shaped dual flare locline return nozzles
  • Water-jet cut weir overflow
  • Filtration cover
  • MJ-L165 65W JUMP LED Light* with mount
    • AB+ Spectrum designed for SPS & LPS corals
    • 44 LEDs operating at 95-100% efficiency between all color profiles
    • Fully-sealed aluminum body
    • Syna-G Cloud Smart Control App

The Tank

The Maxspect Dice AIO Nano Cube Aquarium is the latest compact all-in-one tank to hit the market, featuring some impressive extras at an affordable price point. Decked out with a filter sock, coral-specialized LED light, overflow weir and filtration cover, dual Y flared return nozzles, and biological plus chemical filtration media; the Dice delivers just about everything you need to get started on the nano reef of your dreams. It has been thoughtfully designed with rimless glass, black silicone seams, and a black filtration compartment to keep your equipment hidden and the focus on your aquatic creation. A compact return pump is also include to circulate water back into the display tank through the Y-shaped dual flare return nozzles for optimal flow. 

The Filtration 

Included with the Dice Cube AIO is a starter supply of mechanical, biological, and chemical filtration media. The Nano-Tech PhosPhree is a phosphate absorbing resin that reduces PO4 slowly, preventing sudden drops which can shock your system. The Nano-Tech Clear Cubes are a unique ionic media based from the cystalline mineral tourmaline, which helps to clarify aquarium water and combat algae growth by breaking down dissolved organic matter. Also included are 12 pieces of Nano-Tech Biosphere balls for fostering beneficial bacteria growth and one nylon filter sock for capturing and filtering organic solids.

The JUMP L165 Light

Maxspect's Jump MJ-L165 LED uses proprietary technology which allows it to be configured into different color spectrums without sacrificing performance. Other LED systems suffer up to 40% loss in efficiency when adjusting to other color temperatures. In contrast, the L165 Jump LED can smoothly transition between color profiles while still maintaining 95-100% of its power.

The MJ-165 Blue Edition has been designed with a coral-loving AB+ spectrum to give your LPS and SPS the perfect color pop. The out-of-the-box spectrum provided my the Jump LED Blue provides wavelengths to stimulate both Chorophyll A and B, allowing your corals to thrive with accelerated growth rates, healthy polyp extensions, and enhanced coloration.

The fixture can be remote controlled via the cloud-based Syna-G App on your mobile device (iOS or Android). The App allows you to easily set your color profile and intensities, create lighting schedules, run automated lunar cycles, group and control multiple fixtures, and even share access and lighting settings with family and friends. Although the Jump LED can also be connected and controlled directly via your mobile phone without internet, using an internet-connected router is the preferred method of connection as it will unlock all App features and yeild the most control over your light system.

Cabinet Stand Options
The Dice Cube has two aquarium cabinet stand options to purchase separately, if desired, in either a White or Black finish.

Aquarium Specifications
Dimensions - 15 3/4"L x 15 3/4"W x 14 1/4"H
Display Dimensions - 15 3/4"L x 12 1/4"W x 14 1/4"H
Volume - 12 Gallons


  • 1x Removable nylon filter sock & holder
  • 12x Nano-Tech Biosphere Balls
  • 2x Nano-Tech Clear Cubes 
  • 1x 50ml Sachet Nano-Tech Phosphree phosphate absorbing resin
  • 1x Y-Shaped Dual Return Nozzle
  • 1x DC Return Pump

Light Specifications
Dimensions - 8.5"L x 7"W x 1.5"H
Power Consumption - 65 watts
Coverage - 12-24"
LEDs - 44 Total

  • 6x Red (620nm)
  • 6x Green (530nm)
  • 6x Blue (460nm)
  • 6x Warm White (3000K)
  • 10x Sky Blue (470nm)
  • 4x Deep Blue (445nm
  • 2x Ultraviolet (390nm)
  • 2x Violet (410nm)
  • 2x Royal Blue (450nm)

What's Included?
1x 12G AIO Dice Cube Tank
1x Jump Blue MJ-L165 LED Light and mount
1x Removable nylon filter sock
1x Filter sock holder
12x Nano-Tech Biosphere balls
2x Nano-Tech Clear Cubes 
1x 50ml Sachet Nano-Tech Phosphree phosphate absorbing resin
1x Y-shaped dual return nozzle
1x PVC filtration lid
1x Return pump
1x Power supply

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