Light Wave Chalice

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Light Wave Chalice
The Chalice corals, also known as Echinophyllia or Oxypora, are a type of LPS (Large Polyp Stony) coral that are highly sought after by reef aquarium enthusiasts for their unique appearance and hardiness. They are named for their cup-shaped appearance, with a hard skeleton that resembles a chalice or goblet.

One thing to keep in mind when caring for chalice corals is that they can be aggressive toward other corals in the tank. They have a tendency to grow over other corals and can release toxins that can harm neighboring corals. It is important to place them in an area of the tank where they will not come into contact with other corals.

Chalice corals are known for their unique appearance, with a variety of colors and patterns, including green, pink, red, blue, and purple. They can have a smooth or bumpy texture, with some even having fluorescent pigments that can glow under certain lighting conditions.

Overall, chalice corals are a beautiful and hardy addition to a reef aquarium, and their unique appearance can add a pop of interest and texture to any tank. They are also relatively slow-growing compared to other LPS corals, but can still spread across rocks and other surfaces in the aquarium over time.
For more information about this coral and more visit our Coral Care Blog.
(50-125 PAR)

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