HelloReef Anemone & Clownfish Kit

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The Perfect Start to Your Aquatic Journey

  • Everything you need to get started with your first saltwater aquarium.
  • Step-by-Step Video Instructions
  • Portion of Net Proceeds to Ocean Conservation

Ever wondered if you should take the plunge and build your own saltwater aquarium but felt a bit overwhelmed by it all? Great news, say hello to HelloReef, a truly bespoke all-in-one kit designed from scratch with only one goal: to help you, the beginner, set up your first saltwater aquarium. 

Our HelloReef kit has everything you need, from tank, heater, pump, and wavemaker to rock, sand, salt, and light. Even the packaging was designed for your success with numbered boxes, an easy to remove breakaway section, and a template for building the perfect sized home. But the best part? Step-by-step videos that walk you through every detail and make the entire process simple and fun.

So, what are you waiting for? Whether for your home, classroom, or office, your very own underwater paradise is just a hello away!

Everything You Need is Included

  • 15-Gallon Hello Reef All-in-One Glass Aquarium
  • 225 Micron Filter Sock
  • Ceramic Biological Media
  • Activated Carbon
  • Filter Sponges
  • Sicce Micra Plus Return Pump
  • 12” AquaIllumination Blade LED Light
  • Sicce Nano Circulation Pump
  • 50W Eheim Heater
  • Bulk Reef Supply Stick-on Thermometer
  • Caribsea LifeRock
  • Caribsea Live Sand
  • Two Little Fishes Underwater Epoxy Putty
  • Bulk Reef Supply Seawater Refractometer
  • Dr. Tim's Live Nitrifying Bacteria
  • Bulk Reef Supply Clownfish Food
  • Two Months of Aquaforest Reef Salt
  • Flipper Glass Scraper Card
  • Nitrile Gloves
  • $20 Visa Gift Card towards your first marine animal(s)

Portion of Sales to Ocean Conservation & Restoration
HelloReef is committed to protecting the world’s aquatic environments, and its inhabitants, through conservation, research, and education. 2% of net proceeds will contribute to worldwide coral conservation & restoration.

Aquarium Dimensions: 15" L x 15" W x 15" H
Filled Weight: Approx 165 lbs

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