Green Cabbage Leather Frag

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Green Cabbage Leather Frag

Green cabbage leather corals are a type of soft coral that are highly sought after by reef aquarium enthusiasts for their colorful appearance and hardiness. They are known for their green coloration, which can vary from a light lime green to a darker, forest green.

Green cabbage leather corals are photosynthetic and can obtain some of their nutrition from the light provided by the aquarium. However, they also benefit from supplemental feeding with small pieces of meaty foods such as shrimp, mysis, or krill.

These corals are known for their large, fleshy polyps that can extend during feeding or when stimulated. They are also relatively fast-growing and can quickly spread across rocks and other surfaces in the aquarium.

One thing to keep in mind when caring for green cabbage leather corals is that they can release toxins into the water if they are stressed or damaged. This can be harmful to other coral and fish in the aquarium, so it is important to handle them with care and avoid damaging them during maintenance or fragging.

Overall, green cabbage leather corals are a beautiful and hardy addition to a reef aquarium, and their bright green coloration can add a pop of color to any tank.

For more information about this coral and more visit our Coral Care Blog.
(50-150 PAR)

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