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Your beginner coral pack will contain 1 x Neon GSP, 1 x Waving Hand Anthelia, 2 x Mushroom Corals, and 1 x Zoanthid/Paly Frag.  Zoanthid and Mushrooms will be picked randomly from our selection.

This pack is perfect for the saltwater hobbyist that wants to take a dive into coral keeping.  These corals will be easy to care for and do not require as much parameter maintenance to thrive. The soft corals contained in this beginner starter pack do not have stony skeletons like LPS and SPS corals do and they do not consume Alkalinity or Calcium like stony corals and so the needs and requirements to monitor and replenish these are much less important. We still recommend consistent water changes to achieve the best and healthiest system.

Please note that all systems require some nitrates and phosphates to maintain a healthy and balanced biome. This is a basic requirement even for the easiest of corals. Unless you are an expert, you should keep these numbers elevated. Experts may develop special routines and procedures that allow them to keep 0 nitrates and phosphates while still maintaining a healthy eco system (heavy food in, heavy filtration out). For most people this is not achievable and it is recommended to aim for elevated Nitrates and Phosphates. We recommend 10N/0.1P as near-perfect. We would not be worried of N up to as high as 20, or P as high as 0.2 or as low as 0.05, but we strive to keep them within those ranges.

Putting corals into a nutrient deprived system (showing 0 nitrates / 0 phosphates) is not recommended and will lead to death of corals nuisance algae growths, dinoflagellates and harmful bacteria growths.

More advanced corals such as stony corals (LPS/SPS) require additional parameter monitoring such as Alkalinity and Calcium. LPS and SPS Stony Corals consume these as they encrust and lay down their stony skeletons. An aquarist will have to replace what is lost some how and that is either through a very steady weekly water change or, as a tank becomes more crowded with corals and coral growth accelerates, through dosing.
For more information about this coral and more visit our Coral Care Blog.

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