Reef Chasers does not accept any livestock returns. As such, we are unable to offer any refunds under any circumstances. ALL LIVESTOCK SALES ARE FINAL. Issues with your order will be handled via STORE CREDIT ONLY. In some cases we may be able to ship a replacement and will do so if possible. Otherwise, the credit will be for the value of the livestock lost, NOT the shipping charges if any were included. We ship small orders as a courtesy, but shipping livestock is very expensive and as such we encourage our customers to take advantage of our FREE SHIP on orders of $249 or more.

These are live animals, and returns are simply not possible. As described in our photography policies and available on each product listing, our photos are taken under 20K ACTINIC Reef Lighting using a Nikon Z7II Mirrorless Camera. Various yellow filters are employed in order to capture the most accurate and true color representation of these animals under actinic reef lighting. Your aquarium's lighting may vary, and as such complaints about 'coloration' are not a valid reason to demand a credit or refund.

Reef Chasers goes to great lengths to ensure all livestock photography is as accurate and true-to-life to the specimens we are selling as can be. It's in our best interest to have happy, repeat customers and we strive to make every experience a great one. 'I don't like the color of this animal under my natural lighting' is NOT a valid reason to request a credit or a refund. These are live animals and we encourage all customers to do their research fully before completing there purchase.

You can read more about Reef Chasers Livestock Photography here:
Reef Chasers Livestock Photography


Even though we only charge $29.99 - $49.99 for Shipping (or in some cases free) many times livestock packages cost $60-$80 dollars to ship (or more) as they must be shipped in an insulated cooler box and sent only via priority over-night mail.  There is a risk associated with shipping live animals and that risk is shared between both Reef Chaser's and the purchaser.  We share the risk by guaranteeing you credit for any DOA's you receive, and you share the risk of livestock shipping costs in the event of a partial DOA. You will never receive a credit for your shipping costs unless there is a complete loss of order or 100% DOA within our Livestock Guarantee Window. 

You can read more about our Livestock Guarantee here: 
Reef Chasers Livestock Guarantee

These policies are industry standard and must be in place in order to continue to provide our customer's with the amazing livestock we have become known for. Any questions or concerns may emailed to

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