Scientific Name:
Chrysiptera hemicyanea
Other Common Names for the Kupang Damselfish:
Azure Damselfish - Half-Blue Damselfish - Azure Demoiselle



Chrysiptera hemicyanea, from the Greek words "chrysos" meaning golden and "pteron" meaning fin/wing, is a species of damselfish commonly referred to as yellow-dipped damsel, half-blue damselfish, azure demoiselle or azure damselfish. The beautiful azure damselfish has a vibrant sapphire blue body, with the lower portion of the body, anal fin, and tail appearing bright yellow. The males tend to be larger than the females. The azure damselfish is often confused with a close relative, Chrysiptera parasema, the yellowtail blue damselfish. The yellowtail blue damselfish, however, has the vibrant yellow only on its tail.


Growing up to 3 inches in length, these hardy fish are good for new and veteran reef chasers in a tank over 30 gallons. Azure damselfish are also relatively easy to please with a variety foods like zooplankton, Mysis or brine shrimp, and frozen meaty foods.


Much like other damselfish, the azure damselfish one can be moderately aggressive, especially toward smaller/similar-sized fish and other damselfish. However, this species is more calm than most members of the Pomacentridae
family. When keeping an azure damselfish with other species of fish, provide multiple hiding places to break up territories and decrease aggression. They do like to have their own cave and will spend most of their time defending it.


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