Stylophora are small polyp stony (SPS) corals in the Pocilloporidae family. Sometimes called "Cat's Paw," Stylophora grows out in thick branches with blunt ends.  When its polyps are fully extended, this coral can appear very fuzzy. Stylophora corals can be found in shades of green, brown, orange, purple, pink, magenta, and red. Considered a great beginner SPS coral, Stylophora are known to be one of the more hardy SPS varieties. 

Stylophora corals require moderate to high lighting. We recommend around 300-400 PAR.  Bear in mind that most corals can be gradually adapted to lighting conditions outside of their normal preferences. Stylophora corals also prefer moderately strong water flow in which the flow path is alternating. 

Through their symbiotic relationship with a photosynthetic algae, known as zooxanthellae, they receive many of their nutrients.  Stylophora corals may benefit from targeted feeding with rotifers and vitamins. To maintain good health, calcium, strontium, and other trace elements should be monitored and added as needed. 


When placing your Stylophora, please remember that these corals aren't aggressive and have no real defense against other corals. Be sure to provide enough personal space for your Stylophora corals to grow and thrive.

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Brian Maslouski

Brian Maslouski

I moved my tank about 2 years ago. Prior to that branches were thick and looked healthy. When I moved I fragged the coral down to some smaller pieces and ever since it has grown back into a full colony but the branches are on the skinny side. Any reason for this? Flow and water chemistry pretty much the same.

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