Green Star Polyps are a hardy species of soft coral that are known to propagate with relative ease in adequate conditions. The stolon at the bottom of GSP is usually reddish to purple in color. The eight, smooth tentacles that emerge from each polyp can range in variation from yellow to green and surround the mouth of the polyp. Other color morphs do exist, but are not as common. 

Typically, the GSP will be open during the day and then tentacles will retract at night. Through their symbiotic relationship with a photosynthetic algae, known as zooxanthellae, they receive many of their nutrients. They also absorb some the nutrients in the water column.

As you may have guessed, water movement is pretty important to GSP and a necessary consideration when adding GSP to your reef. GSP thrive in an area with moderate to strong water flow and moderate to high light. We recommend 100-250 PAR. They can tolerate and adapt to less than optimal light, but that could hinder their nutrient production from photosynthesis. Keep in mind that most corals can be gradually acclimated to higher or lower lighting than their normal range.

So, give the GSP some good light and hit it with that flow?  That sounds easy, right?  It is.  It's too easy sometimes. Many a Reef Chaser has had "GSP Gone Wild" in their tank. Sometimes, that isn't a bad thing, it just depends on your #reefgoals. I personally love reefs that feature a full back glass wall covered in GSP. It's recommended by the veterans of the reef hobby to choose a rock that isn't connected to your main rock work as home for the GSP to add that vibrant green pop of color and beautiful movement without sparking an invasion.  Either way, keep in mind that GSP can spread aggressively. GSP colonies can pretty quickly overtake other corals in close proximity and choke them out. Placed in the right location, GSP make an excellent addition to any reef tank.

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