Purple Blade Gorgonian Frag

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Unless specified as WYSIWYG, the photographs are a representative sample and the product you receive may be slightly different in shape and coloration. Many factors can influence the appearance of corals such as stressful events like shipping, lighting changes, intensity, spectrum, water chemistry, and overall nutrition. Typically speaking if corals lose color during transit they will recover them in a relatively short period in optimal conditions.

Purple Blade Gorgonian (Purple Sea Whip)

SIZE: ~2" Frag FRAG


The Purple Frilly Gorgonian (AKA Purple Frilly Sea Fan, Purple Whip Gorgonian, Purple Sea Fan, etc.) is a soft coral with brushy clusters of tall, feather-like plumes. They require moderate lighting and low to moderate flow to reduce algae growth.  Gorgonians aren't a threat to other corals or Gorgonians and given the correct space, lighting, and flow requirements will blossom in your aquarium. 

For more information about this coral and more visit our Coral Care Blog.
(150-250 PAR)

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