Peachy Keen Millepora *CUT TO ORDER*


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Unless specified as WYSIWYG, the photographs are a representative sample and the product you receive may be slightly different in shape and coloration. Many factors can influence the appearance of corals such as stressful events like shipping, lighting changes, intensity, spectrum, water chemistry, and overall nutrition. Typically speaking if corals lose color during transit they will recover them in a relatively short period in optimal conditions.

Peachy Keen Millepora
Cut-To-Order Frags require time to heal before shipping - We recommend picking an order delivery date at least 4 days from time of order placement. If you do not wait the minimum recommended time our live arrival guarantee will be voided.
Mother Colony Photograph is for reference only. You will receive a 1" Frag.

Acropora corals are small polyp stony (SPS) corals that belong to the Acroporidae family.  There are over 149 known species of Acropora, making it the largest genus of corals. Depending on the species, Acropora corals may grow as plates or as branches. Found mostly in shades of green and brown, some Acropora species can be found in vibrant colors. 

Acropora corals require high lighting. We recommend 250-600+ PAR depending on the specific species of Acropora. Bear in mind that most corals can be gradually adapted to lighting conditions outside of their normal preferences. Acropora corals also prefer moderately strong water flow in which the flow path is alternating. Please note, these corals are very sensitive to changes in water parameters. Any changes you implement must be gradual.
For more information about this coral and more visit our Coral Care Blog.

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