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Unless specified as WYSIWYG, the photographs are a representative sample and the product you receive may be slightly different in shape and coloration. Many factors can influence the appearance of corals such as stressful events like shipping, lighting changes, intensity, spectrum, water chemistry, and overall nutrition. Typically speaking if corals lose color during transit they will recover them in a relatively short period in optimal conditions.

Orange Drop Rock Flower

Rock Flowers are a favorite among many hobbyists! Easy to care for, great splash of color, and very innocuous within our reef scape. What's not to like?

Rock Flower anemones
 require moderate lighting. We recommend between 150-250 PAR. Rock Flower anemones also prefer moderate water flow to assist in filter feeding particles of food. Bear in mind that anemones will often move themselves until they find an area with their preferred amount of flow and lighting. Please do not attempt to glue your anemone down. They need to be able to move. That said, try to place your anemone in a low area away from wavemakers and pumps. An anemone that gets sucked in, chopped up, and blown all over your tank could be a real problem.

For more information about this coral and more visit our Coral Care Blog.
(150-250 PAR)

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