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Unless specified as WYSIWYG, the photographs are a representative sample and the product you receive may be slightly different in shape and coloration. Many factors can influence the appearance of corals such as stressful events like shipping, lighting changes, intensity, spectrum, water chemistry, and overall nutrition. Typically speaking if corals lose color during transit they will recover them in a relatively short period in optimal conditions.

Meteor Strike Chalice

The phrase “Chalice corals” represents a variety of corals that include the genus Echinophyllia, the genus Echinopora, the genus Echinomorpha, the genus Oxypora, the genus Mycedium, the genus Pectinia, the genus Lithophyllon, and the genus Physophyllia. Chalices are large polyp stony (LPS) corals. They have an encrusting base but grow forming little cups. Chalice corals appear in a variety of colors and patterns

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(75-125 PAR)

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